What to say???

I’ve been looking for a reason to update but I couldn’t find the energy and inspiration to do so. Now, that I have a few uneventful minutes to myself, I would like to post a few sentences.

I went over my feeds this morning and felt like there’s something missing. Daily Prompts! It’s been gone since May, but I just noticed it today.

Those prompts used to get me through this little dilemma. It’s not as if I post regularly, but those prompts help when you know you want to write or share but you can’t think of anything particular at this moment.

Oh well, I’ll sorely miss seeing those prompts on my feed everyday. I guess I’ll just refer to the page to go-over ideas. Especially on days that I’m trying to physically control my verbally diarrhea.


daily grind

We complain but we still do our best to prove ourselves to others and most importantly to our own ego. Such is the common scenario if you’re staying in a job for the compensation it offers. To be honest, I’ve been stuck in an industry I have never dreamt of entering. If it weren’t for the handsome benefits, I wouldn’t be here. The job entails talking to clients and helping them resolve their financial woes.
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Rural Beauty

Rise/Set   Sunrise This photo was taken on my way to the starting point of the trek. The island is facing the west which is why I wasn’t able to take a decent sunrise picture. Sunset This picture was taken by the beach on the same island. I took the picture while I was resting […]